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Improve your overall IQ by solving these tricky riddles and trivia questions! Some of these puzzles are super easy to crack but some will make you think for a while 😉 If you want to know how to boost your brain speed and how to improve your logical skills just start watching this video! These riddles with answers will exercise your brain and give you a boost of energy.

00:14 – To find the answer to this tricky riddle, you will need to think outside the box and turn on your logic and imagination! The solution is SO simple and obvious that you will be pretty shocked. Well, Napoleon is perfect at finding graceful solutions and so are you! Solving short riddles with answers is the shortest way to sharpen your mind and prepare your brain for intellectual feats.
01:34 – How fast is your brain and vision? This vision test will trick you to the max. I haven’t met a person who could solve all these hard riddles yet. Maybe, you’ll be the first! But don’t despair, if you can’t find the hidden animal, these are hard riddles with answers, so sit back and wait for the answer! (You can pause any time you want, to get more time to look for the tricky animal 😁)
03:22 – Sometimes our dreams can come true at the worst possible time. This short riddle may seem literally heart-breaking, but you don’t have time to shed tears! You will need to both turn on your brain and listen to your heart so that you could find the answer to this mystery riddle!
04:48 – Hey, Detective, put on your hat on and let’s go to the crime scene. I bet you’ll find something interesting there! This tricky riddle will challenge all your mental powers and make you puzzle over until your head spins around. Seriously, did you get how it happened? I didn’t and neither did my friends 🤔
05:50 – An incredibly useful trivia quiz that will be a benefit to you no matter whether you can answer the question or not. Seriously, the bulk of what I know about different cases of emergency comes from the videos on Youtube😀
07:12 – What do you see first? A visual quiz that reveals your real character! Warm up your brain and start your day with this fun quiz question!
09:47 – A mysterious crime riddle that will make you rack your brain! Only those who can pay attention to details and draw conclusions will crack this brain teaser.
11:27 – This set of fun text riddles will turn your mind upside down and make you roll on the floor laughing😁You have to be not only incredibly smart but also have a good sense of humor to crack all of them! So, how many of them did you get right? (what about me, I cracked only 2)
12:57 – Who did she poison? Boost your brain and test your logical skills with this visual brain teaser!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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