Important Things Every Father Should Teach His Son


Although some think mothers play the most important role in a child’s life and upbringing, there are things that a father will certainly do better. Especially when it comes to a son.

Just think: First, the boy comes under the supervision of kindergarten teachers, and then he goes to a school where women constitute 90% of teachers. The child is constantly in the company of women, and he lacks male education.

Acrosoft decided to tell you about 8 things that only a father can give his child.

And for the father, such games will be an excellent opportunity to explain to his son that defeats are unavoidable. If you fall, you just have to rise and keep on going, and there’s nothing shameful in a failure.

A mother can also tell her son how to treat a woman, but only the father will be able to show all this through his own example. It’ll be great if his son learns from him all sorts of important things about women. Not from friends, not from the Internet, but from the father — this is important. Take your son with you to buy flowers for mom. Go to the store together and politely talk with the cashier so that the child doesn’t hesitate to communicate with unfamiliar women. That’s it.


This point follows on from the preceding. Let your son learn about this all-powerful feeling from masculine heart-to-heart conversations when the time comes. For a teenager, it’ll be a valuable gift if his father tells him about his first love and first dates and that he shouldn’t hurry because it’s better to wait for the right girl who will create a spark in his soul. Such conversations will be extremely useful for mutual trust.


He should explain to his son and show by his example that kindness is not a weakness.


You don’t even need to do anything special here. Just be there from time to time, and talk to him. The cild needs to understand that there’s not only mom with her requirements and expectations but also another person with a different approach.

Of course, when it comes to upbringing, parents should be on the same side. But in terms of views of the world, their philosophy can be very different. And this is absolutely normal. With the father’s help, the child will see that there are several points of view on the same phenomena, learning to analyze and form his own view of things.

There are such things men do that look like magic to most women — for example, starting a fire, hammering nails, repairing a car. Even if your child is 100% “urban,” there’s no doubt that the ability to start a fire will come in handy for him in the future — at least for lighting a grill. In any company, the skills described above will add 100 points to your son’s reputation.


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