If You Want to Live Longer, Take a Girls Trip!


Female friendship is a topic that will never go out of style. There’s nothing like the bond you have with your girls, right, ladies? And, as it turns out, spending more time with them and even organizing a little trip can not only lead to new adventures but also make you live longer! But how exactly does it work?

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What the “cuddle hormone” is, and why we need it 0:39

How a lack of friends can harm your health 1:18


– Drinking coffee 2:04

– Walking 2:37

– Meditating 3:14

– Sleeping 3:56

– Smiling in photos 4:41

– Getting a pet 5:34

– Singing 6:22

– Having the “right” initials 7:05

– Volunteering 7:48

– When we’re surrounded by people we love, whether it’s our family or friends, our brain releases an impressive amount of the hormone oxytocin. This “cuddle hormone” can easily deal with depression and anxiety and significantly improve your mood.
– A lack of strong and trusting relationships in your life can be as damaging to your health and well-being as smoking, obesity, or the absence of physical activity!
– People who drink coffee regularly live longer than those who choose other beverages.
– According to a study presented at the European Society of Cardiology, 25 minutes of brisk walking every single day is more than enough to add 3–7 years to your life!
– A meditation retreat can lead to a significant rise in an enzyme that helps protect your body against cell damage and aging.
– People who sleep for 6–7 hours a night live longer than others.
– Just take a look at your older photos, and you’ll see how warm and sincere they are! This habit will not only light up all your photos but also prolong your life!
– Interacting with pets lowers cortisol, the stress hormone, and increases oxytocin, the happy hormone!
– British specialists observed cancer patients and discovered that singing had an amazing effect on their immune function.
– Researchers from the University of California analyzed numerous names and discovered that people with initials that spell out positive words like WOW or VIP lived about 4.48 years longer than people with “negative” initials.
– Helping others really does predict a longer life. But this rule works only if you do what you do for selfless reasons without expecting anything in return.

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