If You Recognize These Early Warning Signs, You Have Nutrient Deficiency


You may be eating healthily, doing sports twice a week, and drinking a lot of water and still have problems with your body. The reason for that may be a nutrient deficiency, which means vitamins and minerals. Luckily, no nutrient deficiency occurs without certain visible signs. Be sure to check these symptoms attentively to figure out if you have a lack of vital nutrients in your body!

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You’re itching for chocolate 0:33
You have small bumps on the backs of your arms 1:27
You regularly have a midday slump 2:08
You’re the favorite choice of mosquitoes 2:29
Your body jerk when you’re falling asleep 3:08
You have small white spots on your nails 3:33
You lose too much hair 4:16
You have a weird sensation on your feet 5:11
Your nails have become weak and brittle 5:53
Your eyebrows have become visibly thinner 6:22
You tend to bruise easily 7:07
Tiredness, gum swelling and bleeding 7:33
You suffer from bone pain 8:21

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– If you’re itching for chocolate, it may be a clear sign of magnesium deficiency. Raw cacao is rich in magnesium, and your body might realize that it can get this nutrient from chocolate.
– Do you have small bumps on the backs of your arms? These are clear signs of vitamin A deficiency. This nutrient is essential for your eyesight, skin, and immune system.
– If you start yawning in the afternoon and regularly have a midday slump, you might get too little rest at night. Or you might have problems with your adrenal glands.
– Imagine this: You’re falling asleep, and you’re almost there in dreamland, when bam! Your leg jerks and wakes you up. You have a lack of electrolytes in your body.
– If you discover that your hair has completely blocked the shower drain or your pillow looks like a yeti because of all the hair you left behind after a night’s sleep, it should set off alarm bells in your head.
– If you frequently have a weird sensation on your feet or feel your tongue burning, you might have vitamin B12 deficiency, especially if these odd sensations are combined with dry skin, constipation, and memory problems.
– If your nails have become weak and brittle and your cuticle health leaves much to be desired, you might have a biotin deficiency. Biotin is a B-complex vitamin, and its other name is vitamin B7.
– Thinning eyebrows, as well as puffy eyes, constipation, appetite loss, weakness and fatigue, and intolerance to cold, may be signs of serious problems with your thyroid gland.
– If you tend to bruise easily and suffer from nosebleeds every now and then, you might have bioflavonoid deficiency.
– Muscle and joint pain, red dots on your skin, tiredness, and gum swelling and bleeding may be symptoms of vitamin C deficiency.
– If you suffer from bone pain, you might have a lack of vitamin D. Other signs of this deficiency are frequent infections, tiredness and fatigue, depression, bad wound healing, hair loss, and muscle pain.

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