If You Answer These 14 Logic Questions You’re Smarter Than 95% Of Adults

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You’re smarter than 95% of adults if you answer these 14 logic questions! Test your intelligence and general knowledge 😉 If you love solving riddles then you’re welcome to try out these cool brain teasers. Some of them will be super easy and some of them will make you do some hard thinking 😉 Let’s see how fast can you solve these.

00:14 – Why did he arrest the man? Test your intelligence with this tricky riddle!
01:37 – Which two letters are missing? Boost your IQ and test your critical thinking with this tricky teaser!
03:19 – How has police found the truth? A mind-blowing logic riddle that will test your brain and increase your IQ level!
04:42 – There was a terrible thunderstorm in the city. The wind ripped off roofs and tore out trees. A lot of people were hurt. Whom to help first?
05:48 – Where is the burglar hiding? It’s a portion of visual puzzles to boost your attentiveness and help you stay concentrated during the day 🙂
07:16 – Test your logic and improve your critical thinking with this tricky riddle! Which door should they choose to survive?
08:32 – There was a new cafe in town but some people said that several aliens worked there. Who are the aliens?
09:20 – Who is the thief? This logic brain teaser will test your IQ and increase your critical thinking!
10:52 – Which of them is the wizard? Test your logic with this tricky brain teaser!
11:47 – Wake up your brain with this short brain-boosting puzzle! Who’ll escape tonight?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many answers you got right!

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