I Dumped $2000 Worth of Stuff Trying the Japanese Cleaning Method


How to Tidy Up Your House and Start Over. Tidying up your space allows you to open doors for new things, new people, and new energy. The Japanese method of decluttering lets you to clean up your space wisely and efficiently and get rid of things you don’t need. We tested these tips ourselves and they do help change your life.

The principle behind the Japanese method 0:35
How to sort your clothes into categories 1:44
How to sort your makeup and random stuff 3:30
Where to take the stuff you don’t need 4:21
How to avoid the old mistakes 5:13
The final life-changing results 6:13

-The principle behind the Japanese method is simple: throw away everything that doesn’t bring you happiness.
-According to the Japanese technique, you have to decide which clothes brought you joy. You can also think of how comfortable and useful each of the items is and only keep those you really wear a lot and need.
-Get rid of makeup products you only used once or twice and stuff like numerous magnets, crockery, toys, uncomfortable bed linen, and broken headphones.
-Animal shelters, aid organizations and volunteer groups will all be happy to accept stuff you don’t need. There’s always somebody in need of clothes, so do a nice thing and give them to someone who really needs them.There are tons of groups on Facebook where you can give away your things and make other people happy.
-You need to take a closer look at your buying habits and make important changes. Be careful at sales and don’t let a little price lure you into buying stuff you don’t need.
-I started to spend way less time cleaning my apartment. “What should I wear?” question simply disappeared. And since I saved only the clothes I looked good in, I started to feel way more confident about myself. And finally, the best result was bringing others joy. I became way freer both physically and mentally.

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