How Your Sleeping Position Affects Your Future Relationship


What do King Kong, Forrest Gump, and the Godfather have in common? They’re all iconic movies, yes. But along with tons more of your favorite films, they’re also couple sleeping positions that can say a lot about your love life!

King Kong 0:35
Tangled 1:02
Forrest Gump 1:28
Hachi: A Dog’s Tale 1:58
Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2:26
Kung Fu Panda 2:51
Paranormal Activity 3:17
The Lion King 3:39
Pulp Fiction 4:02
IT 4:21
Aladdin 4:42
300 5:02
Fight Club 5:20
Spider-Man 5:42
La La Land 5:57
Alien 6:17
Ice Age 6:37
Dracula 6:55
Titanic 7:15
Fifty Shades of Grey 7:33
Ted 7:47
The Godfather 8:10


– There’s a huge gorilla in black fur for every Ann Darrow. You know you’re under its protection now, and that’s way stronger than any stereotypes or conventions.
– It might work like this in fairytales, but when it comes to the real world, your Prince Charming is unlikely to utter that!
– A love life with your personal Forrest Gump is definitely full of surprises since you never know when he might wanna go for a run or do something equally unexpected.
– Just like Hachi, you really love your family, know how to appreciate your quiet happiness, and are ready to demonstrate extreme loyalty.
– You’ve been together for a while. So every now and then, you reach for your secret weapons because your significant other is driving you crazy.
– While others spend years looking for the secret ingredient to love, you’ve already figured it all out: there is no secret! If you’re looking for someone special, you just gotta look in someone who’s right there next to you.
– Your relationship isn’t exactly a rose garden, more like a house full of surprises. Every now and then, something breaks and someone screams, but doesn’t it make it all the more exciting?
– Whenever your parents ask you when you’re finally gonna settle down and learn a thing or two about responsibility, you have just two words for them: Hakuna Matata.
– What might look like madness to others is, in fact, your relationship. And you two know exactly what you want and understand each other like no one else does.
– Your desire to be popular has you constantly looking for cool parties and people to hang out with. But deep down, you’d much rather stay at home with a couple of your real friends.
– For you, love isn’t about being with someone from a really well-off family. You let your heart decide and never regretted seeing a whole new world with your better half.
– Your heart is your personal Sparta, and you’ll do anything to protect it from intruders. However, some “intruders” are less dangerous than others, so please consider letting the good ones in.
– You’re desperately trying to escape from a boring life that’s getting shorter every minute.
– You are both ready to turn the whole world upside down for each other. You could spend hours wrapped up in the other’s arms, like a spider in a web!
– Your life is endless jazz. And even though you guys are great dancers, don’t forget to pay the bills every now and then.
– You sometimes feel like you’re destined to be alone and that your only companions are monsters from your past.
– Living like there’s no tomorrow (like there’s a cataclysmic Ice Age around the corner!) teaches you to appreciate the love and selfless care of your significant other.

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