How Your Phone Knows When Someone’s Typing And Other Secrets Explained


It’s no secret that life becomes easier when you have a phone in your hand. Different smartphone functions come in handy and save you precious time in various situations. They allow you to reach someone at the other end of the world, send messages to all your friends in just a couple of seconds, and surf the Internet. But do you know how exactly they work? For example, How does Face ID work? Or how does your phone know someone’s typing?

By the way, is our phones really listening to us? Or are we just a bit paranoid? We all sometimes receive ads about things we didn’t type or said to our mobile assistant. For example, you and your friend discuss, say, your recent trip to China and how you’d like to go back. The very next day, you see tons of ads about cheap flights to Beijing on your smartphone. So how is it possible? Let’s figure out!


How does Face ID work? 0:05
How does my phone track my steps? 0:24
How is sleep tracking possible? 0:44
How does my phone know someone is typing? 1:04
How do AirPods work? 1:27
Who knows my phone’s precise location? 1:50
How does auto-correction work? 2:13
How does predictive text know what I want to say? 2:38
Why does my phone overheat? 3:06
How does AirDrop work? 3:27
How can true black help save battery? 3:50
Why does my phone run out of battery so fast in the cold? 4:14
Why do I have terrible reception in supermarkets? 4:37
Why does my phone refuse to work in crowds? 4:58
Why do phones have several cameras these days? 5:28
Is a 48 megapixel phone camera really 4x better than a 12 MP one? 5:40
Why can’t you remove your phone battery anymore? 6:04
Is your phone really listening in? 6:32
How do ads travel from your phone to your desktop? 6:59
Why don’t phones have home buttons anymore? 7:24
Can other gadgets eat up my phone Wi-Fi? 7:50
Does the hand I’m holding my phone in matter? 8:18
Why does my phone always say it’s out of memory? 8:46

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