How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck


How to Save Money. Sometimes we have to live paycheck to paycheck and put our dreams aside. Well, it turns out that it’s not the hard work itself you should focus on to start making more money but your attitude toward money. Changing that can lead to transforming your financial life, get rich and achieve your goals.
American researcher Thomas Corley spent 5 years studying the ways of thinking and daily habits of rich and poor people. He came to the conclusion that the so-called “rich habits” have more to do with how we think and not what we do. Corley shared the results of his research in his book Rich Habits, Poor Habits. It showed that “rich” people with an annual income of at least $160,000 and assets of at least $3.2 million are mostly optimistic about their lives and grateful for everything they have. Happiness is also one of their habits.

The new approach to making money 1:32
Reasons for making money 2:19
Attention focus 3:19
The art of giving and receiving 4:48
Restrictive beliefs 5:48
Self-esteem and increasing your own value 6:59
How to expand your comfort zone 8:28
How to treat debts 9:27
How to handle large amounts of money 10:03
How to change your approach to money 10:48


-People today make more money thanks to the “work with passion” approach. You have to find what you really like, determine the success factors of your business, and aim for pleasure and a good financial income at the same time.
-People with rich thinking earn money to grow as a person and do what they really like. They can afford to be generous, to help others, and to not count every cent.
-Stop focusing on what you don’t have and forcing this “deficit” into your life. Instead, you need to clearly define for yourself the financial and social level you are currently on and how you achieved it.
-When you benefit from others and remember to give something in return, and when there is no distortion to one side or the other, everything in life is in balance and in harmony.
-Change the “money is the root of all evil” mindset to “I’m worth it.”
-To go from low to high on the self-esteem scale, remember that you’re unique. Compare yourself to yourself only. Keep a diary, and track even the slightest changes.
-To go from poor to rich thinking, you have to expand your comfort zone, allowing yourself more than you usually do, at least in little things.
-Get used to feeling light every time you pay a loan or give money back to the friend who lent you some. If you’re paying off a mortgage, it means that you have a house to live in.
-People with rich thinking easily accept any amounts of money without any vivid emotions.
-Every time you receive money, start by spending some on yourself instead of paying the bills. Never lend more than you can easily forget about.

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