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Taking a screenshot on Snapchat notifies the uploader, saying that a certain user has taken a photo of their Snap. But did you know that you can bypass this?
Most Snapchat users may have known about this by now as the feature on the social media platform has been three for years already.
However, some Snapchat users have never figured out how to bypass its notification feature.
You could not blame them as the social media app has been persistent in killing options to bypass the said functionality.
In fact, even some of the third-party apps claiming to hide screenshot notifications no longer work as Snapchat discovered their tricks, according to the news story by Alphr.
Meanwhile, Meta’s Instagram has borrowed the screenshot notification feature of Snapchat,at least for direct messages.
This time around, a viral video on TikTok shared an iPhone trick that allows Snapchat users to take screenshots without getting caught or leaving a trace, as per the report by Sun UK.
The TikTok video carries the intriguing caption “How to screenshot on Snapchat.”
Although taking a screenshot on the video-sharing app is similar to any app on your iPhone, the clip showed a hack to avoid notifying the person on the other end.
The viral TikTok clip that was uploaded by a user that goes by the name @leenissaaa shared the secret iPhone trick in a 33-second video.
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The video began with the TikTok user opening a Snapchat photo from her iPhone.
To avoid the image from disappearing, she hit the “Reply” button and took a photo of her own. However, to hold the message, she swiped up on her phone to leave Snapchat rather than going forward to send it.
From the home screen of her iPhone, she swiped down to prompt the Control Center options on her Apple device. After which, she tapped on the button that starts screen recording on her smartphone.
Once the recording had begun, she switched back to the Snapchat app.
She then got back to the reply photo that she took but stalled from sending. Thus, retaining the disappearing image that she received.
To return to the sent Snapchat photo, she canceled her reply photo, unraveling the disappearing image.
This time around, it is worth noting that her iPhone is recording everything. Hence, she was able to take a screenshot of the Snapchat photo.
The TikToker further assured her viewers that the other end did not get any notification that she took a screenshot of it.
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