How to earn Valor in Halo Infinite –

Here’s everything you need to know about Valor in Halo Infinite, including how to earn it and all the Valor rewards.
Valor grants you access to some neat benefits in Halo Infinite, and here’s everything you need to know about it, including how to earn it and the Valor rewards in the game.

Halo Infinite features a ton of exciting new content for fans to enjoy while also bringing back some familiar elements from the series. Master Chief has returned and is battling a dangerous new threat.
This enemy is known as The Banished, and every mission that you complete against them grants you Valor points. This is particularly useful as it lets you access some powerful gear.
Here’s everything you need to know about Valor in Halo Infinite.
The campaign in Halo Infinite tasks you with capturing bases and helping out the UNSC forces in the battle against The Banished. Valor points are then awarded to you and represent the progress you’ve made in these activities.
You’ll be able to earn Valor by just playing through the game or by finishing missions on your Tac Map. These include capturing Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) after killing tons of enemies to kill or completing objectives.
These can be found marked by a red diamond on the map until you capture them. They will then change to a blue circle with the UNSC logo. You can also earn Valor by rescuing troops, assassinating targets, and progressing through the campaign.
After earning enough Valor, you’ll gain access to powerful weapons, vehicles, equipment, and gear that can be found at the FOBs. Your reward will be determined by the amount of Valor you’ve got.
Here are the rewards along with the required Valor amount:
All of these rewards come in handy as you progress through the Halo Infinite campaign. They make the game significantly easier for you, so it’s worth completing these activities and earning some Valor.
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Popular streamer Dr Disrespect launched Midnight Society to develop his own game, so would could his battle royale look like?
Mustachioed FPS streamer Dr Disrespect has founded his own studio to develop a shooter to rival Warzone and Apex Legends. Here’s everything we know about Midnight Society’s project, and what the Two-Time’s very own battle royale game could look like.

Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, better known as Dr Disrespect, is one of the most popular streamers in the world. Known for his mullet, mustache, and shades, Dr Disrespect plays a variety of the most popular FPS games – although he offers intense criticism.
A former game developer, Dr Disrespect has now launched Midnight Society, a studio that’s developing a game to rival the most popular shooters and battle royale games.
Not much is known about the upcoming project, but we’re breaking down everything we know to piece together what Dr Disrespect’s battle royale game could look like.
Officially, we know that Dr Disrespect’s game will be a “PVP online multiplayer game” that’s built “from the ground up in Unreal Engine 5.” And while details are scarce at this stage, Dr Disrespect has teased that Midnight Society are developing a “vertical BR.”
From the concept art that Doc has teased, it appears that the action would take place over several floors, with fire acting as the ‘circle’ that pushes players together as more and more die off.
We're building a new PVP multiplayer game from the ground up in @UnrealEngine 5.

Want to join the team at Midnight Society? Now hiring across all roles:

Do it. Apply. Don't live with this regret, why are you doubting yourself? Just go for it. #gamejobs
It will also take on a different style of development, for which they’ve coined the term ‘Day Zero Community.’ This will have players involved early in the development process where they could be “testing reload times and recoil patterns in a firing range or jumping in for the first-ever PVP sessions.”
Imagine a development process that had voices like this at the table from day one, the pros, the players, the teams, the content creators getting insight into design decisions, feature prioritizing, and balancing discussions when that feedback could be used.

Who’s in?
It also looks like the game will have a ranked mode at launch, with the developers confirming that “the pros, the players, the teams, the content creators,” will get insight into “design decisions, feature prioritizing, and balancing discussions when that feedback could be used.”
Dr Disrespect will play almost anything where you can shoot a gun, but he lives by the motto “Violence, Speed, Momentum,” and looks for it in the games he plays.
After finding success in PUBG, Dr Disrespect is all over anything in the battle royale genre and believes that traditional multiplayer games such as Halo Infinite needs a battle royale to survive. However, he’s been extremely critical of Warzone over the past year, slamming its aim assist, server issues, lack of map changes, audio, and more.
Looking at Dr Disrespect’s back catalog of games, it’s clear that the battle royale genre is where Doc’s heart lies and is most certainly going to be the focus of his own game. It should also seek to fix everything Doc has complained about in other shooters.
Dr Disrespect launched Midnight Society along with two industry titans, Robert Bowling and Quinn DelHoyo.
Bowling is a former Infinity Ward dev who oversaw the release of each game in the original Modern Warfare trilogy. He’s since worked with gaming and esports companies such as NRG and EA, but is now co-founder and Studio Head of Midnight Society.
DelHoyo is a former Gears of War and Halo developer who has held a number of roles such as Multiplayer Designer, Lead Weapons Designer, and Sandbox Designer. He’s now co-founder and Creative Director of Midnight Society.
Here’s the rest of the Midnight Society team:
Bowling has also teased that “We’ve got an incredible team in the wings, several key hires still not announced (as they wrap up their current roles) and we’re just getting started.”
We've got an incredible team in the wings, several key hires still not announced (as they wrap up their current roles) and we're just getting started.

Let's do this together! #MidnightSociety
With the talent Dr Disrespect’s game has on board, we could see elements of Call of Duty, Gears of War, and Halo, with a focus on esports.
There’s no way of knowing what the title of Dr Disrespect’s battle royale game will be. The concept art is labeled as “Vertical BR,” but this is probably for internal use only.
The title could link to Dr Disrespect by being called ‘The Arena’ or something to that effect, or it may be separated from the Two-Time entirely.
To summarize, Dr Disrespect’s game:
You can also check out everything we know about Call of Duty 2022, which is set to be a sequel to Modern Warfare (2019).
Image Credit: Midnight Society / Thorsten Denk / PUBG Corporation
The December 30 GTA Online update patch notes feature the Slamtruck on the Podium, 2x GTA$ & RP, and huge discounts.
The December 30 GTA Online update patch notes put the Slamtruck on the Podium, and offer players more GTA$ and RP, as well as plenty of discount opportunities.

As we come to the end of 2021, GTA Online is offering players plenty of free content after the huge Contract DLC update.
The series as a whole is in an interesting place right now as the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S re-release is due in early 2022, GTA 6 is apparently stuck in development hell, and the GTA Trilogy has had a tough time with players lamenting countless glitches that have made the game the lowest-rated Metacritic title ever.
However, one element of the franchise that remains steadfast is GTA Online as Rockstar keeps pumping it full of changes and content to maintain its status as an absolute moneymaking success for the Grand Theft Auto franchise.
The Patriot Mil-Spec vehicle has arrived with the December 30 update. This off-road vehicle sells for $1,710,000 and is sure to be a fine addition to your GTA Online collection.
The grand prize at the Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel this week is the Slamtruck, a car hauler that arrived with the Cayo Perico Heist.
Rockstar is giving players the chance to get the keys to the $1,310,000 Slamtruck for absolutely nothing.
Here’s Rockstar’s official description of the Slamtruck:
Long gone are the days of playing army men with other kids. Now you play army men with Due to a recent spate of accidents involving this model, Vapid wants to remind any potential buyers that a common side effect of driving the Slamtruck is the constant stream of assholes attempting to clear your ramp on the freeway. See one coming? For the love of god, duck.
Special promotions and extra earning opportunities are here once more as players can get a nice helping of 2x GTA$ and RP on Special Cargo, VIP Work, Resurrection, and Tiny Racers jobs.
Players can also get 1.5x GTA$ and RP on Security Contracts and Payphone Hits.
GTA Online players can earn a ton of free goodies as part of the New Year’s gifts, as well as – Blue Glow Shades and the Party Glow Necklace for logging in.
Here are all of the GTA Online New Years gifts:
The Executive Offices and Special Cargo Warehouses are the focus of this week’s major discounts with 40% off of them and renovations.
Here are all the latest vehicle discounts in GTA Online:
That just about does it for this week’s December 30 update, which will last until January 6, 2022 – so check back then for all of the latest bonuses and discounts.
Also, check out our ranking of the GTA games from worst to best, and the full chronology of the GTA franchise.
Image Credit: Rockstar Games
Thanks to the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update, players can earn a weekly Prize Ride vehicle, and here’s how to get one, and what it is.
The Los Santos Tuners update introduced the LS Car Meet, and this week players can get the Ardent free as the GTA Online Prize Ride December 30 vehicle.

While players are enjoying The Contract update, the Los Santos Tuners update was certainly up there with the Cayo Perico update in terms of an important content drop for GTA Online. Many players love to earn lots of money, buy amazing, fast cars, mod them how they see fit, and parade them around the city.
As well as adding new cars and collectibles, the update also welcomed a fun new challenge for players to complete. GTA Online’s Ardent Prize Ride can be obtained by meeting a certain requirement, and we’ll detail everything below.
To get the Ardent, you’ll need to place in the Top 4 across 8 different Car Meet Races to complete the Prize Ride challenge.
Each week, players can unlock a new vehicle for free at the LS Car Meet. From December 30, players will be able to get their hands on this awesome car, but only until January 30, 2022.
That’s the simple condition you will need to meet to win the car for yourself. Given that it normally costs $1,150,000, it’s definitely worth trying to get!
Here’s Rockstar’s official description of the Ardent:
It’s a rare car that allows you to be perfectly composed, effortlessly suave and extraordinarily violent all at the same time – and yet, somehow, the Ardent does all that and more. Behind the wheel of this masterpiece there’s nothing you can’t do: lose your pursuers, pop the dual machine guns, gun down the survivors, drop a pithy remark, open the champagne, have a quickie, drive into the sea, realize you’ve made a terrible mistake, and swiftly drown.
With GTA 6 rumored to be in development hell, the GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition out and not doing well, and the GTA V Enhanced and Expanded Remaster nearly here, the franchise has a lot on its plate.
Also, check out the claim that Rockstar support “ignores” cheaters, and stay tuned for the December 13 Prize Ride vehicle when it releases!
Image Credit: Rockstar Games / GTA Wiki
Popular streamer Dr Disrespect launched Midnight Society to develop his own game, so would could his battle royale look like?
Warzone players have found the perfect alternative to Rebirth Island if the developers were to add another Resurgence map.
Call of Duty: Warzone’s weapon meta changed dramatically over 2021, so here’s a breakdown of each seasons’ meta.
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