How The Richest Athletes Spend Their Millions


With talent and fame comes lots, and lots of money. When looking at the world’s rich and famous, it’s hard to ignore the great athletes and sport stars around the world. These athletes boast some of the highest salaries in the world, and as their popularity rises, so does their paycheques! Here today are the highest paid athletes in the world.

It’s no secret that high profile athletes have monumental salaries. However, when you combine that with endorsements, sponsorships, personal business acumen and other bonuses, these men and women make a staggering income, and most of them aren’t afraid to spend like it as well. It’s no wonder why almost every kid at some stage wants to be a famous sports star when they grow up.

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Lionel Messi ( 00:42 )
Cristiano Ronaldo ( 02:28 )
Connor McGregor ( 04:13 )
Floyd Mayweather ( 05:30 )
Michael Jordan ( 07:34 )

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How The Richest Athletes Spend Their Millions

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