7-Second Riddles

Test your IQ level with these 10 riddles for smart people! According to studies solving tricky riddles is one of the fastest ways to improve your logical and critical thinking. These puzzle games and brain teasers are pretty simple but only for those who have a high IQ score and a well-trained brain! Give your brain a nice workout with these riddles!

00:14 – Whatever a malicious criminal tried to do to cover up a crime, a good policeman would always reveal the truth! But sometimes we need help from independent experts, that’s why you’re here now. You have just half a minute to observe the room and collects as much evidence as you can to find the traces of the kidnapped child. His life is in your hands so hurry up to crack this crime riddle until it’s too late!
01:18 – A tricky riddle based on a true story! Are you as smart as the successful woman? If so, you will be able to crack this riddle on time without pausing the video. If not, just relax and wait for the answers to appear😉
03:03 – Oh, this is thrilling! It seems that if you know some information, you should never give it away😦 An attentive person can always have another one figured because they catch every small detail and never miss hints. Let’s check if you’re one of such people! Can you crack this hard riddle and figure the password out without any obvious prompts? If you do, then you’re one of the smartest people in the world! (and I’m not)
04:24 – A short emoji quiz that will make you want to watch your favorite superhero movies once again. This fun puzzle will exercise your brain and chill you during your coffee break. How many of them have you guessed?
06:51 – Sometimes a criminal comes up with a perfect crime, but then gives oneself away the most stupidly, huh 😁 A good detective just has to catch and handcuff them (and get his paycheck). Test your detective skills with this funny crime riddle with answer. Let’s see who’s the best detective here😉
08:37 – Even if you have seen ice only in your glass of Mojito, don’t rush to skip this one! You can always give in to this fashion and go snowboarding and do ice skating, here you will find it useful 😉 But seriously, this trivia may one day save your life or the lives of your loved ones, so be attentive and bookmark this if you need.
09:56 – Test your instincts and try to guess who among these nice people is a dangerous criminal. This neat old lady? That gloomy man? This sexy but arrogant woman? I don’t know…I’m not good at all this paranormal stuff and my intuition is usually sleeping. Will you be able to solve this picture puzzle and identify the criminal? Time’s starting now!
10:54 – Hey, Sherlock, put on your gloves as we need your brilliant deduction skills right now! The police still can’t get if it is a case of murder or suicide? There’re a lot of pieces of evidence but only you can put things in the right perspective. Turn on your brain, there’s no time to lose!
11:52 – A tricky visual puzzle for people who can think outside the box and have a great sense of humor. Share your ideas in the comments; let’s see how many advanced solvers there are😜

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS who do you think is going to commit suicide?

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