How Long Will You Be Single For? Love Personality Test


“When will I finally find my other half?” You’ve probably asked yourself this question if you’re single and looking for love. This simple test will help you get the answer to that burning question. You’ll have 3 options to choose from for each question. Just go with your gut, and don’t overthink it!

1. When you meet someone new and you like them, what do you do? 0:50
2. What do you normally have for dinner? 1:35
3. Do you prefer cats or dogs? 2:32
4. Which of the following sounds like a perfect Friday night? 3:26
5. What kind of movies do you love the most? 4:21
6. Do you get jealous easily? (Over your friends or in past relationships) 5:16
7. Do you have any siblings? 6:08
8. Describe your perfect other half 7:00
9. Imagine you have already found love. Will you let the world know? 7:50
10. What would you never do for your special someone? 8:36
Add up your scores 9:38


– If you scored 100 to 160 points, you’re going to be single for another year or so. Maybe you’re just not ready for a serious commitment.
– Those whose final result is 170 to 230 points will stop going solo in the next 6 to 9 months. You’re an outgoing and fun individual who doesn’t mind settling down — but doesn’t like to rush things.
– Did you get over 230 points? Congrats! Your love is right around the corner! Are you ready for it? Judging by the fact that you’re a sweet and loving person who enjoys taking care of others, it looks like you’re totally ready!

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