How Keanu Reeves Spent $360 Million!


Keanu Reeves is on of the worlds favorite actors, and loved for his generosity and humility. With a net worth of over $360 Million USD, he’s widely known for his love of motorcycles, and cars – here’s how he spent the rest!

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Keanu Reeves has proven time and time again that he is superhuman, with an out-of-this-world bank balance to go with it.

The beloved actor has made enormous strides in the entertainment industry – from his first on-screen role which came with a lousy $3000 paycheck, to starring in multi-million-dollar blockbusters, this actor’s made headlines for decades. But aside from the mega-mansions and motorcycles, he doesn’t spend like your typical Hollywood rockstar; Keanu is generous, selfless, and giving. and that’s why we all adore him.

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