How Good Is Your Brain Reaction Time? 12 Riddles With Answers

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Test your brain reaction with a set of 12 riddles with answers! Trivia, crime riddles, tricky puzzles – that’s all you need to enlarge your general knowledge and increase your IQ level. These will be helpful for kids and adults as well! So, if you are ready, get right into solving these brain games and don’t forget to share your answers in the comment below 🙂

00:14 – This is a challenge for your brain, so focus your mind and turn on your logic! A mind-blowing crime riddle with answer that only experienced detectives can crack. If you’re able to distinguish between fantasy and reality, this detective riddle will be an easy one for you!
01:54 – This mysterious riddle will make you sweat and rack your brain because only ingenious minds can compare all the pieces of evidence and figure out who is lying. Actually, I haven’t met a person who could crack this riddle by themselves yet. Maybe you’ll be the first one?
03:04 – Whatever a malicious criminal tried to do to cover up a crime, a good policeman would always reveal the truth! But sometimes we need help from independent experts, that’s why you’re here now. You have just half a minute to observe the room and collects as much evidence as you can to find the traces of the kidnapped child. His life is in your hands so hurry up to crack this crime riddle until it’s too late!
04:09 – This short trivia quiz will change your whole view on confidentiality and information security! Before the answers are revealed one by one in the video, try to imagine how much information about you is saved in the Net. I bet you would never guess it!
05:35 – These quiz questions based on real events will show how quickly you can realize that something bad is happening around you. No special knowledge is required, just think logically and you will definitely find out what’s wrong here! These riddles with answers will also help you detect the signs of strange behavior and probably prevent some bad situation.
06:58 – This is a mega cool personality test that looks like an RPG! You will have to think really hard to pass all the task. What can blow your mind away is that there are NO WRONG ANSWERS at all! Your choice will just show the way you think and make decisions. Are you ready to start the game right now?
10:53 – I hope you or your kids never need to put these tips into practice, but still forewarned is forearmed. This is a set of extra useful trivia questions for kids, but I believe even adults will find a lot of useful information for themselves. Before you get the answers, put yourself in that kind of a situation; what would you do if you were this kid? Essential trivia to test if you’re a quick-thinker and improve your survival skills!
12:14 – Wow, this case is so intriguing! Someone has kidnapped the bride and we’re racking our brains on who the criminal could be! Can you take a look at the picture and find the kidnapper? A fun picture puzzle for the smartest kids and adults!

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