How Corporations Steal Your Data Through Your Phone


Have you looked up plane tickets to Florida, and bam, you get bombarded with pop-up ads for sunscreen, swimsuits, and affordable oceanside hotels? Or better yet, you talked about that new lotion with your friends and immediately got an exclusive discount for it online? How is it even possible and if there’s a way to stop it?

If it sounds creepy to you, then think whether you have an app that keeps track of your jogging routes or, for example, tells you where the nearest gas station is. Did you carefully read all the terms and conditions it asked you to agree with as you installed it? Not really? Congratulations! You granted the app the right to trace their location and pass this information over to other companies!

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Your digital assistant isn’t the only one listening to you 0:26

Some mobile apps know when and where you’re going 2:11

There’s some information you give away without realizing it 3:57

Cookies 🍪 still help companies to analyze your Internet habits 5:11

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– It turns out certain companies hire people to overhear the conversations you’re holding with your digital helper. Why? Well, you might believe your favors are fulfilled by some digital magic, but they actually still need manual processing.
– If you don’t like the idea of being listened to, and later targeted for ads on the products and services you’ve inquired about, there is a way out. You can opt out of the software improvement program in the privacy settings on your device.
– In 2018, The New York Times found at least 75 companies that get information on the location of those who look at the weather or latest news from their favorite apps. Their databases have information on up to 200 million gadgets in the US alone.
– The companies that buy this information claim they only use it to analyze the general trends of customer behavior, but that still doesn’t sound really comforting when you know someone is tracing your every step so they can later sell you their goods or services.
– Music providers often let you create playlists and listen to all of your favorite hits online, but at the same time, they also gather your personal data and sell it to advertising agencies.
– Whenever you take part in a fun survey or online test (we all love to find out who we were in our previous life, right?) and choose one of your social networking accounts to sign in, you also grant access to your list of friends and give away their personal information, as well.
– The most popular way for corporations to learn about you and cater their services to you is using Web cookies. In fact, there are companies whose main goal is building your consumer portrait, including your age, gender, diet, job title, and income.
– The good news is you can protect your data if you change your individual cookie policy using a VPN, install special anti-tracking extensions or disable Flash on your computer.

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