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Bleeding Cool has a first look at the Hero Collector solicitations through Diamond Comic Distributors for March 2022. Fortnite, Battlestar Galactica, and Star Trek figures and toys here and DC Comics hardcover graphic novels for the UK market here over there... and we split them in two this month because ne’er the twain shall meet.
#25 – Astral Queen
RRP: $69.95/€64.99/£54.99
SKU: BGSEN025; Barcode: 5059072042666
Model Length: ~270mm
Model Weight: ~290g
Product Description: A prison ship capable of holding over 1000 prisoners, the Astral Queen was on its way to parole hearings on Caprica when the Cylons attacked. Faced with keeping control of so many criminals after the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, Captain Adama of the Galactica eventually ordered that the Astral Queen be turned over to its prisoners.
Organized by the ex-terrorist Tom Zarek, the former convicts of the Astral Queen provided vital repairs to the rest of the refugee fleet. The ship became Zarek’s power base, even propelling him to a seat on the Quorum of Twelve.
Special #1 – Brotherhood of Steel T-60 Power Armor
RRP: $39.95/€36.99/£29.99
SKU: FALEN005; Barcode: 5059072081382
Model Height: ~131mm
Model Weight: ~196g
Product Description: A fanatical techno-religious order dedicated to the preservation of scientific knowledge from the years before the Great War, the Brotherhood of Steel have been a fixture of the Fallout series since its very first entry. Clad in advanced power armor like this T-60 suit, the Brotherhood’s “knights” make for powerful allies – and dangerous enemies…
The Brotherhood of Steel made a dramatic reappearance in Fallout 4, arriving in the wastes of Boston aboard the mighty Prydwen airship. Led by the young and visionary Elder Maxson, they plan to spread their influence across the entire Commonwealth.
XL #29 – USS Discovery-A (Refit)
RRP: $79.95/€74.99/£59.99
SKU: SSSUK631, Barcode: 5059072045605
Material: Die-Cast & ABS Plastic
Model Length: ~290mm
Model Weight: ~202g
Print Spec: 20pp, 219x284mm
Product Description: Following its unexpected and violent arrival in the 32nd century, the USS Discovery NCC-1031 received an extensive upgrade at the Federation’s headquarters. Refitted with futuristic technology over long weeks of engineering, the ship was recommissioned – as the USS Discovery NCC-1031-A! The Discovery’s refit armed it with a cloaking device, and converted the Discovery’s warp engines to match the detached configuration common to the 32nd century, greatly increasing its maneuverability.
This hand-painted XL model captures the Discovery-A in exacting detail, just as it appeared in the third season of Star Trek: Discovery.
#13 – USS Voyager-J
RRP: $54.95/€49.99/£39.99
SKU: STPEN013, Barcode: 5059072046237
Material: Die-Cast & ABS Plastic
Model Length: ~220mm, Model Weight: ~142g
Print Spec: 20pp, 219x284mm
Product Description: When the crew of the USS Discovery arrived in the far future of the 32nd century, they were astounded by the technology on display. The USS Voyager-J represented ten generations of technological evolution, and was equipped with the disconnected warp nacelles common to Starfleet ships of its era.
Though it bore the same class designation as Captain Janeway’s famous Voyager, this Intrepid-class Voyager-J bore eight hundred years of technological development beneath its hull.
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