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Breville Sous Chef Peel & Dice 16-Cup Food Processor Review | Breville Sous Chef Food Processor Reviews | Breville Peel and Dice | Breville Food Processor Review | Breville Sous Chef Peel & Dice Canada Reviews | Breville Sous Chef 16 Peel & Dice | Breville Sous Chef Food Processor Peel & Dice 16-cup | Breville BFP820BAL The Sous Chef Peel and Dice Food Processor | Breville Food Processor 2018

This 1200 watt Food Processor from Breville can do all the meal prep like slicing, dicing, shredding, peeling etc that too in seconds.
This video features the review of the latest model (new model) of the sous chef peel and dice series 2018.
I have reviewed all the accessories and features for your better understanding. You can also watch the unboxing video to know it’s contents/ details.
If you have any questions regarding the product, then do comment below, I’ll be happy to assist.

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