He Built His Own TANK, But What Happened Next…


Have you ever hated the way laws are carried out in your city? Maybe you’ve gone to a city hall meeting for citizens and felt like you couldn’t do enough to get your point across. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to persuade local politicians whose minds are already made up. Marvin Heemeyer, however, had other plans for when a town hall meeting just wouldn’t cut it anymore.

Born Marvin John Heemeyer, the Grand Lake, Colorado local was an automobile muffle repair shop owner, as well as a welder. He didn’t always live in Grand Lake, though, but he had lived in the area for a decade and was tired of politicians and their zoning rules. Even though he didn’t live directly in Granby, he had been feuding with local officials for years, more specifically for fines and zoning disputes.
His fines were typically for violating ordinances put in place by the city, and zoning issues that were affecting the muffler shop he owned in Granby. By the title, you must already know that Heemeyer is guilty of going on a rampage with a “Killdozer”, but what exactly is that? What specifically triggered him to go on a rampage?

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