Guess The Emoji! Trivia And Emoji Games That 90% Fail

7-Second Riddles

Try to solve these trivia quizzes and emoji games that 90% of people fail! These puzzles will work out your brain and help you stay concentrated during the day. Even though they might look too easy at first sight, some of the answers will surprise you. Start your day with these tricky emoji tests and trivia and get your logic boosted.

00:14 – A short math trick that will tease your brain! Take your time to answer correctly!
00:44 – Enjoy this set of cool emoji puzzles that will make you recall the greatest hits of all times, no matter how old you are (and they will play in your mind for the rest of the day!)? If you stay up to date and your brain works fast today, then it won’t be a hard riddle for you! Anyway, this short puzzle game will warm-up your brain and lighten your mood!
02:57 – What is the biggest planet in the Solar System? Any ideas? Watch this cool trivia to enlarge your general knowledge 🙂
04:38 – If you keep up with the greatest blockbusters of recent years, you won’t find this set of emoji puzzles difficult. But even you aren’t into it so much, you should score at least 2/3 of them! I failed only the last two puzzles, but they’re cyphered really well?
06:31 – Who did the parents frighten with stories about swallowed gum? Me! ? Well, now I feel relieved at least because I know the truth. A trivia quiz to make you stretch your brain and shed light on this story!
07:43 – A set of cool emoji puzzles to boost your thinking skills and cheer you up! Even if you’re not a kind of a cinema-goer, you will easily crack them because all the hidden movies are just awesome! Or that will be a chance to finally watch some of them?
10:10 – Popping a zit is such an ordinary thing that we don’t even think a second before doing this. Who pops spots here?? If you say ‘ME!’, you should definitely try this short general knowledge quiz to reveal all the truth about this simple action. Do you still want to do it?
11:19 – A cool emoji quiz on brands that will trick your mind and test how fast your brain is. If you can guess all of them without pausing the video, I would say you keep up to date perfectly? But I believe it’s not possible; my friends and I completely failed the last two ones!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which emoji game was the most difficult for you?

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