Guess The Emoji! Mind Teasers And Cool Riddles

7-Second Riddles

Can you guess the emoji quiz games, mind teasers and cool riddles, just everything you need for a fun and easy brain workout!

00:14 – Can you find the mistakes? Hard riddles with answers that will get your brain ready for the main brain workout!
01:15 – This fun short puzzle for kids and adults will test how quickly you can notice the most unspectacular details! It’s a great puzzle to start your day and warm up your brain before work!
02:51 – Logic Puzzle! This hard riddle will test your logic and analytical skills! Normally, 8 our of 10 fail to find the answer to this famous logic puzzle! Will you? No worries here, the answer is finally revealed for the public, so if you don’t get it (remember 8/10 fail), then just wait for the answer 😉 But if you crack this logic puzzle before, I’ll worship you for the rest of my life!
03:55 – Emoji movie quiz! If you stay up to date and your logic works well then this emoji movie quiz won’t be a challenge for you. However, I met only one person so far who scored all the quiz questions right. Some are super easy, but riddles will make your brain sweat, which is good, right? A healthy brain workout is always welcomed!
05:55 – Superhero quiz – Logo quiz! I bet you think you know all the superheroes and logos, because we always see them in the movies, BUT you’ll be surprised to realize that it is not true. Only those with photographic memory will pass this logo quiz, for others, these quiz games will turn out to be pretty hard to deal with!
07:43 – A tricky picture puzzle to test how sharp your eyes are! You should use 100% of your brain power to be able to spot all of them. I’ve never met a person who would solve this puzzle 100%. Will you be the first?
09:36 – These short riddles will require a lot of creativity from your side and ability to think outside the box! You know that a kid can suggest at least 4 answers for each picture riddle, what about you? If you can only come up with one answer…. Well, you need to get more brain exercises, you came up with 2 or 3, good job, you’re a creative person!
11:36 – A cool emoji quiz on brands that will trick your mind and test how fast your brain is. If you can guess all of them without pausing the video, I would say you keep up to date perfectly😉 But I believe it’s not possible; my friends and I completely failed the last two ones!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answer to this riddles 09:05 🙂

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