Gamers Nexus | RTX Global Illumination On vs. Off: Metro Exodus Technical Analysis


Metro: Exodus marks the arrival of RTX Global Illumination in a game. We’re here with technical analysis of Metro: Exodus’ RTX Ultra vs. High vs. Off graphics settings.
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The Metro: Exodus release date is February 15th and will be accompanied by RTX Global Illumination and DLSS. Today, we’re joined by expert 3D Artist (and GN Lead Video Editor) Andrew Coleman to dissect RTX Global Illumination in Metro: Exodus. We talk about the differences in RTX on vs. off, the techniques used to achieve the effects shown, briefly cover benchmark performance impact (more on that separately), and more. Whether or not RTX is “worth it” will begin to become more of a subjective question as it finally sees wider usage, and our RTX comparisons in Metro point-out the biggest (and smallest) differences in on vs. off settings in side-by-side comparisons.

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Host: Steve Burke
Technical Analyst: Andrew Coleman
Video: Andrew Coleman

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