Gamers Nexus | Part 2: Cyberpunk 2077 PC Case Mod, Sketchy Water Cooling, & Fire


We’re finishing our #Cyberpunk 2077 PC case mod and build, featuring an intentionally strange selection of parts (dual-socket!) and a bunch of inexperienced wannabe “modders.”
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Watch part 1 here:

This #Cyberpunk2077 case mod uses projectors, angle grinders, dremel tools, drills, paint, and PC parts to come to life. We’ve pulled a dual-socket motherboard from our “X79” Huananzhi review, a Watercool MO-RA3 radiator that’s now side-mounted to the Cooler Master SL600M, and a bunch of other random parts from our storage room. We’re going completely for form, not function, in a complete break from our day-to-day objectives of function-first reviews. It’s a fun break from normal for us and forces us into territory we’re not particularly skilled in, but offers good learning opportunities along the way. The whole team was involved on this one.

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Hosts (order of appearance): Patrick Lathan (Senior Staff Writer), Steve Burke (Editor-in-Chief), Keegan Gallick (Video Editor)
Video: Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick

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