Gamers Nexus | Nintendo Switch Lite Tear-Down & Disassembly, Comparison to Original Switch


This disassembly of the new Nintendo Switch Lite, just released, looks at the internals and differences versus the original Switch during our tear-down.
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Watch our original Nintendo Switch tear-down & disassembly here:
And our Nintendo Switch Joycon controller disassembly:

We’re taking the Nintendo Switch Lite apart today! The Nintendo Switch Lite deserves discussion as to whether it’s worth it versus the original Nintendo Switch, of course, but we’re mostly focused on how it’s assembled, how to take it apart, and going over some part numbers to make future trivial replacements easier. If you ever need to re-paste (add new thermal paste) your Nintendo Switch, replace the Switch battery, or find other components, you can use this video to help get started.

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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