Gamers Nexus | LIVE: Overclocking LinusTechTips’ Computer (Post-Battle Show)


When this starts, we will have just finished the battle with JayzTwoCents as hosted by LinusTechTips & Austin Evans. Now, we’re going to overclock the broken system that Linus built (and we just finished fixing)! From ~3PM EST until about 6PM EST, we will be live on LTT, then we’re coming here.
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We will be working with a system that the LinusTechTips team built and sent to us. Originally, the system was broken in many ways, and we had to figure out the issues and fix them on Linus’ stream in a race versus Jay. With those issues now hopefully resolved, we’re going to finalize the build, clean it up, and overclock it.

Test bench setup is below.

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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