Gamers Nexus | HW News – RTX 3080 Ti Inbound, Shady GPU Warranties, Intel Fires at NVIDIA


In the news this week: MSI leaks the RTX 3080 Ti, Intel wants NVIDIA to know it was “first,” we recap AMD’s new CPUs and NVIDIA’s CPU, talk about warranty shortening, and more.
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00:00​ – Recapping the Week
01:00 – Modmat Stock & Behind-the-Scenes Power Testing
02:17 – MSI Accidentally Leaks RTX 3080 Ti
04:20 – Atari Likes the Stock: New Crypto Business
07:31 – GPU Warranties Tanking
10:27 – Recap: Nvidia GTC 2021, AMD 5000G APUs
13:40 – Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger’s Comments on Nvidia
15:57 – Intel Looking to Build Automotive Silicon
18:00 – Epic’s Battle Against Steam is Expensive
21:50 – Nvidia Comments on Supply Issues
22:45 – AMD RX 580 RMA Scam
23:49 – Gigabyte Makes CMP 30HX Mining Card Official
24:55 – TSMC Power Outage

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Host, Additional Writing: Steve Burke
Editorial: Eric Hamilton
Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman

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