Gamers Nexus | HW News – NZXT BLD Responds to GN, Intel Delay Lawsuit, NVIDIA Really Might Buy ARM


In this hardware news video, we’re talking about NZXT’s response to NZXT’s investigation into its warranty and support, Intel’s 7nm delay causing personnel and legal issues, & NVIDIA + ARM.
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We’re auctioning our NZXT BLD off for charity, 100% to Cat Angels Pet Adoptions: . Place a bid (only if serious, please, or we’ll have to relist) to benefit Cat Angels in its efforts to take rescue cats and find them homes. Cat Angels is a no-kill shelter that we are happy to support and have personally visited. We built a computer for them last year!

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00:00 – Recapping the Week
01:07 – NZXT BLD Charity Auction Relisted for Cat Angels
02:31 – Intel May Face Lawsuit Over 7nm Delay
04:06 – Intel Reshuffles Deck After 7nm Delay
06:16 – Intel Reportedly Upping Orders at TSMC
09:13 – TSMC’s Stock Price
10:15 – NZXT Revises BLD Warranty & XMP
21:50 – AMD 2Q20 Earnings
24:03 – Update: NVIDIA Really Might Buy ARM
24:57 – Fox Sports’ Virtual Crowds Are Embarrassing

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Host, Additional Reporting: Steve Burke
Editorial: Eric Hamilton
Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman

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