Gamers Nexus | HW News – AMD’s Next Console APU, GPU Marketshare, & #RIPDer8auer OC


This hardware news episode follows-up on next-gen console APU spec rumors. We also talk about Steam’s hardware survey, showing GPU and CPU marketshare.
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Show notes:

Our headlining item talks AMD semi-custom APUs that will set the tone for the next-gen consoles. After this, we talk about how Der8auer recently posted his RIP GN results (congrats on the score, Roman) and how we need to respond. You can find that on Der8auer’s channel. Intel is also in the news, talking about the Spoiler exploit and H10 SSDs. IDC and Gartner are also talking about Intel CPU shortages (again), this time aligning in their beliefs about the wider impact to market.

Der8auer’s video:

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Host: Steve Burke
Editorial: Eric Hamilton
Video: Andrew Coleman

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