Gamers Nexus | Google Stadia Review as a Real Consumer | Bad Setup & No Codes


Google Stadia doesn’t even work. We’re on day two and we still have hardware with no way to use it. Google should get into selling cars, but without handing over the keys.
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Watch our Google Stadia controller tear-down here:

Google Stadia still hasn’t sent out activation codes to most of its users, but worse than that, Google has a convoluted system of intra-“ecosystem” product requirements to even start using Stadia. One would assume that you could just sign into a website on Chrome and start using the service, but, ah, no, that’s not how it works. This is our real consumer review of the Google Stadia service, which has started its life failing even more spectacularly than previously thought possible.

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Host, Editorial: Steve Burke
Testing, Editorial: Patrick Lathan
Video: Josh Svoboda

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