Gamers Nexus | GN Medium Modmat Launch: One Year to Make


It’s here! We’ve spent a year working on the GN Medium Modmat and finally have it on the store:

We have to thank you all again for being so supportive of our efforts. The large modmat has been hugely successful for us and will continue to be sold on the store, and those of you who got the large one have helped build to this smaller version (32″ x 16″ [81cm x 41cm] instead of 48″ x 24″). If you have more ideas on things you’d like to see us design and make, always feel free to let us know. We do listen to the comments.

The medium mat has taught us more about the manufacturing process, which has the unique benefit of shaping our reviews going forward. With more knowledge of how manufacturing works, we can better understand component maker timelines and compromises, and more competently review their own products. Further, as always, buying from the GN store helps us minimize our reliance on traditional PC component advertisers.

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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