Gamers Nexus | Exceeds Expectations: New Atari VCS Tear-Down & Ryzen-Powered Console


We’re taking apart the brand new Atari VCS console from 2021 / 2020. The Atari VCS remake is a small gaming box with an AMD Ryzen SOC and, just maybe, some potential.
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We’ll be separately reviewing this Atari VCS to see whether it’s worth it. The box is actually pretty interesting, as it can be customized with a new OS and is somewhat upgradeable by the user. It’s a lot more than we expected under the shell — but our expectations were that it’d house a Raspberry Pi-style PCB. In reality, the VCS has had a lot more effort go into it than we expected, so that’s a good start. We’ll have to test it and use it for the review to determine whether it makes any sense to buy, of course.

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00:00 | Atari VCS Marketing & Packaging
07:45 | Brief History of Atari VCS
09:35 | Old vs. New Controller Comparison
10:48 | Tear-Down of the Console
13:21 | Internal Overview & Plate Removal
16:01 | Cooling & Airflow Discussion
18:00 | Board Removal & Component Review
20:09 | Atari VCS Heatsink Removal
21:34 | Thermal Interface
22:23 | Heatsink Tear-Down
23:47 | AMD Ryzen SOC in Atari VCS
24:24 | Atari VCS Controller Tear-Down
27:17 | Conclusion: More Than We Expected

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick

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