Gamers Nexus | AMD Driver Overhaul & GPU Memory Timing Control (Sort Of)


AMD’s Scott Wasson walked us through the new Adrenalin driver update while the team visited GN HQ. We’ll look at this further independently, but here’s the overview.
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As noted above, this is something we will be looking at further independently, but AMD arrived at GN HQ ahead of driver availability. This gave us an opportunity to get an early look, though we’re reserving judgment for further testing on desktop parts (only a laptop was used for this demo). Thus far, major improvements boasted include, of relevance to our audience, WattMan overhauls for fan profiles and overclocking options. We are still recovering from all the travel the past few days, but lots of cool stuff queued-up from the test lab. Give us a few days to work through the interview/collaborative content.

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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