Gamers Nexus | 6-Fan EK AIO Elite D-RGB 360 Review vs. Lian Li Galahad, Arctic Liquid Freezer, & Air CPU Coolers


EK’s AIO 360 Elite D-RGB CPU cooler is a 6-fan behemoth challenging the Arctic Liquid Freezer II & Lian Li Galahad. We also test this 6-fan liquid cooler in push vs. push-pull.
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Push vs. Push-Pull has long been a benchmarked topic, but we haven’t looked at it in a few years. In this video, other than the EK AIO Elite cooler review and an analysis of the best CPU coolers, we’ll also be looking at whether push-pull fan configurations are worth it on a radiator. Testing looks at noise-normalized thermals, 100% fan speed thermals, mounting pressure, flatness of the coldplate, and cable management. The EK AIO 360 Elite D-RGB vs. Arctic Liquid Freezer II line and EK AIO Basic, alongside other coolers, will serve as the most pertinent comparisons in our pursuit of the best CPU coolers.

Watch our EK AIO Tear-Down (of the basic model):
Watch our AMD Ryzen Offset Mount benchmark with the Liquid Freezer II:
Watch our testing methodology basics walkthrough here to learn how we test:


EK AIO Elite D-RGB on Amazon:
Arctic Liquid Freezer II 420 on Amazon:
Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 on Amazon:
Lian Li Galahad 360 on Amazon:
Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 on Amazon:
EK AIO Basic on Amazon:


00:00 – EK AIO Elite D-RGB Review
04:23 – Mechanics & Build Quality
08:56 – Installation Guide for EK Elite D-RGB
10:46 – Pressure Testing Map
12:10 – Surface Flatness Testing
12:33 – 200W Heat Load Noise-Normalized (AMD Ryzen Coolers)
14:37 – 200W Heat Load at 100% Fan Speed
15:58 – Conclusion

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Host, Writing, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Testing: Mike Gaglione
Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman
Not Cable Managing: Patrick Lathan, Patrick Stone

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