Gamers Nexus | $500 Motherboard Analysis: ASUS Maximus XII Formula Z490 PCB, Water Blocks, VRM, & More


The ASUS Maximus XII Formula is an expensive water cooling solution with a VRM water block, optional monoblocks, and OC features.
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In this video, we’ll be talking about whether water cooling is worth it for motherboard VRMs, specifically on the Maximus XII Formula, and we’ll also cover VRM efficiency of the board as matched against various heat loads (e.g. Intel i9-10900K CPUs with differing degrees of overclocks applied). The ASUS Maximus XII Formula is among the more expensive Z490 boards and didn’t make it on our list of “Best Z490 Boards” that we published earlier, but that’s mostly because a lot of its price is built into the water cooling cost, and so it’s less “pure” of a board than some of the others.

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00:00 – Recapping Z490 Boards
00:51 – IO & Overclocking Features
05:26 – Unique Features from the OP-AMP
09:12 – Power Efficiency & VRM
13:55 – VRM Efficiency
25:57 – Memory Power & Topology
28:24 – Conclusions

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Video: Keegan Gallick

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