Gamers Nexus | $1 vs. $10 Reusable Thermal Pad Benchmarks: No-Name, IC Diamond, & Carbonaut


We’re testing a $1 reusable thermal pad vs. IC’s Diamond Graphite Thermal Pad & Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut pad (and vs. paste). We bought this in Taipei in March, and it has no known branding!
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Watch our IC Diamond Graphite Thermal Pad benchmark (including the explanation of how this test equipment works):
Watch our Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut benchmarks:

We bought this $1 thermal pad (which we’re assuming is graphite, but we’re not sure) from Guanghua Digital Plaza in Taiwan when we visited in March. Now, we’re finally testing it to see how it does against other thermal interfaces. This thermal pad costs a tenth of IC’s Diamond Graphite Thermal Pad, and is similarly cheap versus Thermal Grizzly’s Carbonaut. There’s also a lot of talk about thermal conductivity when it comes to thermal interfaces, particularly people comparing pastes one to the next, so we address that thermal conductivity cross-brand is not always cross-comparable.

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00:00 – Intro to the $1 Thermal Pad
04:00 – Suppliers & Carbonaut Scanning Electron Microscopy
05:07 – Thermal Conductivity Shouldn’t Be Cross-Compared
06:40 – Full Torque – $1 Pad vs. IC Diamond, Carbonaut
07:01 – 95W Reusable Thermal Pad Benchmarks
07:56 – 150W Reusable Thermal Pad Benchmarks
08:24 – 200W Thermal Pad vs. Paste Benchmarks
09:18 – 270W Thermal Pad vs. Paste Benchmarks
10:14 – Full Torque – Corsair A500
11:14 – A500 – 95W (Unflat Plate)
12:32 – A500 – 150W (Unflat Plate)
12:45 – A500 – 200W (Unflat Plate)
13:03 – A500 – 270W (Unflat Plate)
13:26 – Torque Difference Benchmarks
14:47 – Conclusion: $1 Pad vs. $10 Pad

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Editorial, Testing: Steve Burke
Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman

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