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A newly released gameplay clip from Pokemon Legends Arceus shows what it looks like to throw a Poke Ball and to capture a Pokemon.
While much of Pokemon fans' fervor is focused on the recent releases of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, attention is once against starting to shift to Pokemon Legends Arceus. The next fully 3D Pokemon game and a major shift in the design and direction of the Pokemon franchise is nearing its January release date. Pokemon fans are still curious about what Pokemon Legends Arceus is, however, which is why a recently released bit of footage is stirring up a lot of conversation.
The video, which was originally shared as part of the Japanese Neko Mario Show, features a look at one of Pokemon's most important gameplay functions. That being, throwing a Poke Ball and (hopefully) catching a Pokemon. The gameplay clip goes through several types of encounters in Pokemon Legends Arceus. That includes a simple docile Pokemon capture, aggressive Pokemon encounters, using battle to diminish a Pokemon before capture, and Pokemon rejecting being captured.
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Keep in mind that Pokemon Legends Arceus handles all of this in a 3D environment. As such, players will equip Poke Balls in their hand and will have to aim before they throw. Additionally, Pokemon who aren't ready to be captured won't just sit and wait for the trainer to decide what to do next. Pokemon will attack the player. The player glows red briefly after the attack, but it isn't clear if they've taken any sort of lasting damage.
In response to Pokemon attacks, players will be able to dodge-roll away or throw their own Pokemon out. Much like in a traditional Pokemon game, the Pokemon will battle and if the wild Pokemon's health is lowered enough or put in a state of weakness then the player can throw a Pokemon and try to capture them. As everyone knows, these battles take place in an open environment and players will have to be wary of getting involved themselves.
For many Pokemon fans, it has to be difficult imagining just what playing a Pokemon game fully in 3D looks like. It's something fans have been asking for for a very long time, but it's still new and strange. This gameplay video helps make Pokemon Legends Arceus real in a way much of the footage released so far has not.
As noted, Nintendo has had a good reason not to show more of Pokemon Legends Arceus off up to this point. There were two other Pokemon games launched recently, after all. There's still plenty of time left to show off Pokemon Legends Arceus over the next two months.
Pokemon Legends Arceus releases on January 28 for Nintendo Switch.
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