"Free Fire is one of the biggest mobile games in India, and knowing that Free Fire Max is coming, has gotten me very excited": Mithilesh "Mythpat" Patankar – Sportskeeda

Mithilesh “Mythpat” Patankar is a renowned YouTuber with over 9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. From gaming to mimicry, his channel is a major source of entertainment. Mythpat loves to play games like GTA 5, Minecraft, Free Fire, BGMI, and more.
One of the most unique aspects about Mythpat’s YouTube channel is that it has a wide variety of content and doesn’t specifically revolve around gaming. He targets a wider range of audiences to create engaging material.
The Indian mobile gaming world is going gaga after the pre-registration for Free Fire Max was unveiled on 28 August 2021. In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, Mythpat shares his thoughts on Free Fire Max, The Mythpat Podcast, and his journey in the content creating world.
Mythpat: I was studying to become an engineer, and also preparing for a Master’s degree in the United States. At that time, I used to mimic often and even considered getting into the entertainment industry.
So, although dubbing or being a radio jockey seemed like career choices, using a digital platform like YouTube never crossed my mind.
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Mythpat: After a point, similar content bores people, so diversity is very important. Every time I create content for my audience, I want them to have a choice amongst all the things I can provide – gaming conversations, entertainment content, or mimicry.
For me, taking on a podcast is a whole new ball game, and a part of diversifying my content for fans. I believe that in today’s day and age, audio format shows can be very immersive. It is one of the best ways to attract a larger audience.
Mythpat: Thinking of unique and original ideas is the most important part. Execution is the next phase. If you are confident about your content and clear about your ideas, execution is easier.
As far as inspiration goes, I get it from people I watch every day. My daily entertainment dosages such as TV, web series, surfing on social media, or YouTube itself also play an important role.
It is also possible to come up with great ideas without thinking about them: while taking a bath, or just relaxing for a moment. You need to have eagle eyes to take inspiration from the smallest of things.
Mythpat: I am very excited about my podcast, and it feels great. It is something I’ve always wanted to do, as I mentioned earlier. A mimicry artist wants his/her voice to reach people, and Spotify has given me the opportunity through this collaboration.
My thought process behind creating this series was simple – I wanted to really engage my listeners with fun conversations about gaming and the bountiful internet culture that we live and breathe.
I believe sharing my experiences as a content creator through these rather random but enjoyable chats with my buddies will help youngsters with similar aspirations succeed.
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Mythpat: This podcast is not just about chatting, but also about entertainment and gaming. I intend to make it a fun podcast that people can look forward to every week.
The vision is also to engage with my audience as much as I can. I also plan to have some amazing guests on my show. As the episodes progress, listeners will also get to hear about our combined journeys, and I am beyond excited to share my experiences.

Mythpat: The Spotify Original podcast has a very similar theme to my YouTube channel, as it was my aim to keep similar content on both platforms. Every path I choose to take, I hope to entertain my audience. I would like to use everything as an opportunity to connect with them.
Mythpat: In my opinion, Free Fire is one of the biggest mobile games and knowing that a newer version is coming, is truly exciting. In fact, I believe it must be exciting for everyone; and it will open more opportunities for mobile gaming.
Mythpat: Despite the fact that both are Battle Royale games, they have their own audience and USP. It doesn’t seem like Free Fire Max will have an effect on the viewership of Battlegrounds Mobile India.
Mythpat: In my opinion, Garena will surely offer rewards. In the past, they’ve offered several incentives to fans who install or play their game. It is highly likely that Free Fire Max will become a huge success.

Mythpat: The best thing for you (as a content creator) to do is to explore your personality and tastes. When you decide to go on a public platform, you should be open to criticism and learn from it. It is important to create content that you enjoy by being yourself.
I have never been concerned with likes and dislikes. As a content creator, I always strive to create quality content. The goal is to provide the audience with relevant material.
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