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Garena Free Fire‘s compact size and its efficient performance on lower-end and mid-range devices were among the primary reasons behind the Battle Royale title’s staggering popularity.
The famous mobile game has maintained that status till now as the game is still operable on low-end Android smartphones. However, with time and updates, the game’s performance has taken a toll.
Many users often complain about issues like lags and frame drops. In most cases, however, these problems of lags are resolvable.
Before players can check the game’s settings, they need to check a few of the following things:
Once players have made sure none of the above issues persist, they can run the Free Fire. Furthermore, they can start a match to ensure no lags, frame drops, or other issues hinder the device’s performance.
If lags or similar problems still exist, gamers can adjust their display settings. To open the display menu, players should tap on Settings in the top-right corner of the home screen of Free Fire.
They can take a look at the default display settings and adjust them as below:
Low settings can help resolve lag issues with Free Fire. Consequently, players can enjoy smoother lag-free gameplay.
The legality of game Boosters often lies in the gray area. There are many which are considered illegal because they usually try to modify the game’s data. Hence, users should avoid such applications as they can lead to bans in Free Fire.

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