Fortnite Update v19.01 early patch notes: Dual deagles, Christmas celebrations, WinterFest 2021, and more – Sportskeeda

Fortnite’s first update for Chapter 3 is coming tomorrow. v19.01 is set to arrive and bring about a few significant changes to the game. The onset of Chapter 3 has changed a lot, but even more, changes are set to come. New items, new weapons, new challenges, and more have been leaked ahead of time. Here’s what players can expect.
The Imagined Order has long been revealed as the bad guy in the Fortnite lore/storyline. This was doubled down on when The Foundation, Dwayne Johnson, returned and set the record straight in The End live event. Now, the update is poised to add them back to the map as antagonists for players and challenges.
IO outposts were a big part of Chapter 2 Season 8, and will be returning thanks to the 19.01 update. Along with that, new Christmas trees will be arriving on the map. Christmas is just under two weeks away, so Fortnite continues to get more and more festive this season.
One of the biggest updates arriving tomorrow will be the dual hand cannons. Fortnite hasn’t had a weapon like this since Deadpool’s Mythic hand cannons were in the game.
These will more than likely not be a Mythic item, but they’ll still be the first time any version of the Hand Cannon has been in the game in quite some time. It’s not confirmed if these will be arriving in tomorrow’s update or the next one, but a closer look will be available tomorrow at the very least.
Tent upgrades are also likely for this Fortnite update. They’ll soon be upgradeable and can have picnics and campfires with them. These upgrades will cost gold, so Fortnite players will get another thing to spend on.
These updates and many more are very likely for tomorrow’s update. The update will likely go live in the morning (Eastern Time) and be available after a small update to the app.

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