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Fortnite is giving players a free gift and bonus XP, as part of an apology following unexpected and prolonged downtime in December.
Fortnite players are being treated to a free gift and bonus XP, as a form of apology for technical issues that caused prolonged matchmaking and login issues in December.
Epic Games’ Fortnite has been seeing a number of exciting updates lately. The dramatic end to chapter 2 saw the island flip around, revealing a redesigned island for Fortnite's chapter 3 in early December. Players have also enjoyed free in-game gifts this Christmas, as part of Winterfest 2021, featuring a wintery lodge with 14 unwrappable goodies.
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Players have been eagerly awaiting the bonus 15th present, which has been appearing as a notification on the Cozy Lodge menu for several days now. There was no way to open the illusive gift, which Fortnite promised to players as thanks for their patience following service disruptions in December. For eight hours, Fortnite players were unable to login to the game due to a server issue, exacerbated by holiday disruptions. This was particularly frustrating for those who wanted to enjoy Fortnite during their time off school and work.
The final present has now finally been revealed. Players who logged into the game during the Winterfest celebrations in December will be treated to a free Crescent Shroom Pickaxe, which has not yet been released in the Shop. Further, there will be a Power Leveling Weekend from 7PM on the 7th until 7AM on the 10th (Eastern Time).
Power Leveling Weekends simply increase the rate at which players earn XP in Fortnite. The bonus XP rate hasn’t been specified yet, but it's likely to be double XP, at least. This will allow players to gain levels faster, and in turn, unlock rewards faster than usual.
The decision to gift players bonuses for the downtime is a nice touch, but it does mark the end of the Winterfest event. Still, there’s plenty to look forward to in the world of Fortnite. Players are anticipating the release of tornados, which look set to blow their way around the island and tear up buildings very soon. There are also questions about when Butter Cake, a dinosaur creature hidden below the ground, will be making an appearance, with the snow expected to thaw soon. Meanwhile, it is rumored that Fortnite could be adding a ‘no build’ mode for players keen to try some uninterrupted combat action. It's clear that the start of the year is already looking eventful for the Fortnite island.
Fortnite is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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Gods Will Fall is now available for free on the Epic Games Store, and the service reveals what will follow it next week on January 13.
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