Fortnite Christmas Event 2021: Winterfest Start Date, Free Skins, Cosmetics & Quests – RealSport101

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.
While we’re eagerly awaiting the start of Fortnite Chapter 3, there’s also another event we’re just as hyped for! Winterfest is Epic Games’ way of celebrating the holiday period and we think the 2021 edition could be the biggest yet.
Here’s everything we know so far as well as what we want from the ideal Fortnite Winterfest event!
Unfortunately, Winterfest isn’t officially confirmed for 2021 just yet, but we have a strong feeling it should still happen. Despite the impending arrival of Chapter 3, there should be plenty of time in the calendar to allow Winterfest to take place.
We expect something official by Tuesday, 21 December at the latest. The event should be love for around one week and usually runs through the Christmas period. Typically, the Winterfest period happens under a specific event name. Last years event was known as Operation Snowdown
If the 2021 edition of Winterfest was to take on the same structure as previous years then here’s what we can expect;
No game does it’s events quite as well as Fortnite so however Winterfest 2021 plays out, it’ll be a crowdpleaser for sure. We would like to see the event play a part in the Chapter 3, Season 1 story but with both events starting so close together, this could be unlikely.
We’ll keep you up to date with the latest news as and when it arrives.


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