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The IO may make a comeback.
Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is still quite a ways away, but leaks have already begun emerging about the upcoming battle pass. Curious about when the next season is expected to start? Want to know how Season 2 will impact the ongoing conflict between the Foundation and the Seven? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything we know about Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 based on official and unofficial sources.
According to information presented on the official Season 1 Battle Pass screen, it appears Season 2 is expected to begin sometime around March 20, 2022. It’s obviously possible this date may fluctuate based on the needs of development as that date inches closer, but this is the date Fortnite’s developers at Epic Games seem to be focused on right now. It’s worth noting that March 20 is a Sunday as well, so Epic may start the new Battle Pass on the same weekend day as its predecessor.
As for its expected release time, we anticipate that to be sometime in the morning on the East Coast of the United States. While most past seasonal updates went live around 6 a.m. Eastern, Season 1 of Chapter 3 changed things up by launching at 10 a.m. Eastern. For now, keeping an eye on that four-hour block of time is the best suggestion we have.
Not yet, and it will likely be quite a while before we see anything on that front. For now just enjoy the gameplay changes coming throughout the rest of Season 1.
While it’s probably a bit too early in Season 1 to know if data-mines from the likes of HYPEX and iFireMonkey might relate to the current season or the next one, there have been a few insider leaks about the upcoming Battle Pass that are worth nothing. In a video posted on January 4, Fortnite content creator and reliable leaker Tabor Hill had this to say about the upcoming battle pass.
Tabor Hill drops the first leaked details about Chapter 3 Season 2
“We’re going to be at, almost like a war with the IO people. The IO is coming back for revenge. We flipped the map, we made them mad, the beehive has been hit. They’re coming for revenge. So if they’re going to fight us and the Seven, they’re going to need some serious equipment, something like [the drill recently found east of Logjam Lumberyard].” Hill also says Season 2 will feature a drivable vehicle with turrets that are based on something we’ve seen before.
Back in early December HYPEX tweeted an image of five different locations that are believed to be the sites of IO-created “earthquakes” as the organization creates new outposts across the Battle Royale map throughout Season 1. Logjam Lumberyard, of course, was one of those infamous spots. We’ll have to watch how this story develops, and which other gadgets the IO may bring to the flipside, in the weeks ahead.
Not yet! Info on those will likely emerge days before the battle pass goes live in March. At least for now, we imagine most details regarding seasonal cosmetics will be kept under lock and key.


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