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No, it’s not Halo Infinite Battle Royale, it’s an error that boots you out when you die
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Last Updated: December 3, 2021
Halo Infinite Multiplayer has been met with mostly positive feedback since its launch on November 15th, 2021. As with most games, it’s understandable that there are going to be a few issues, but this one’s painfully frustrating.
PC Players have been reporting an issue with Halo Infinite’s multiplayer that causes them to be kicked out of the match completely upon death. As you’re supposed to respawn and continue battling in Halo matches, this is understandably frustrating as players find themselves unable to complete matches at all. While this issue doesn’t appear to have been fixed permanently yet, some players have reported some short-term fixes.
For a change, we’re actually not going to start with the ol’ “turn it off and on again” tripe, as this issue seems to be to do with settings more than anything else. It’s been mostly, if not entirely, reported by PC players, and seems to be an issue with the respawn animation. As such, the fixes mostly center around fiddling with some settings.
If you’re playing on Steam, this is a great fix that often solves issues across a number of PC games and is super easy to action.
In your Steam Library, locate Halo Infinite in your games list
Right Click, select Properties
Go to Local Files tab
Click “Verify Integrity of Beta Files”
This is another Steam fix, and helps increase frame rate as well.
In your Steam Library, locate Halo Infinite in your games list
Right Click, select Properties
Go to DLC tab
Uncheck the box for “Multiplayer High-Res Textures”
The Steam Overlay tracks your in-game progression to be able to award you with Badges. It’s nice to have, but can affect how your PC handles games. In this case, it could be the reason behind the crashes, so try disabling it. You can always enable it again.
In your Steam Library, locate Halo Infinite in your games list
Right Click, select Properties
In the General tab, uncheck the “Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game” box
If you have tried the previous options and are still having issues, it might be time to start changing some of your in-game settings. We know, lowering your image quality is not what you want to do, but you can always reverse it if it doesn’t solve the problem or once it’s been fixed by the developer.
In these settings, you can turn them down rather than all the way off. However, in reports of this fixing the Halo Infinite crash on respawn issue, players have had to turn it all the way off — with a detrimental effect on image quality. Still, at least you might actually be able to complete a match.
Let us know down in the comments if any of these fixes worked for you and, if so, which one.
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