‘Fearless’: Ashley Graham Breaks Down Gender Identity with Non-Binary Individual


Kaiden is a 26-year-old who identifies as transmasculine, gender non-binary, and uses the pronouns they/them. Kaiden has come so far, but is struggling with adapting to life after surgery, and finding a support system with shared experiences. In an informative conversation, Ashley Graham and Kaiden talk about gender, existing in a world of adversity, and the significance of a community.

To prove to Kaiden that they are not alone, Ashley surprises them with an emotional video message from a group of incredible individuals who can relate to what Kaiden is going through. To further offer support and a new community, the group surprises Kaiden in person! Watch new episodes of “Fearless” on ellentube every week.

If you or someone you know in the LGBTQ+ community is looking for support, visit thetrevorproject.org.

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