FBI Find The Real Jack The Ripper


Jack The Ripper was a notorious unsolved cold case dating back to the turn of the century. Fortunately the FBI labs, have only now had a chance to use their up to date forensic DNA labs, and cutting edge science technology to solve the 100 year old case.
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It is the late 1800’s in the fall. A brisk wind carries itself through decaying leaves into the dirty streets outside of London’s East End – they come to rest in the district of Whitechapel, London. This small section of the unstoppable English city is upheld from within by an increasingly large series of Jewish and Russian immigrants, who seek to make a new life for themselves here. The scent of the earth that the city rests on can be smelt through the wet brick below their feet.

Whitechapel is scoffed at by passers by outside it’s clay-brick towers. It has brought only trouble to the city of London. The same firm breeze ushers some inside on an August night in 1888, but those who live outside the bounds of the law remain at large. This district knows only violence, crime, and squalor.

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