Fashion Trends Looking Forward to in 2017

Girls stuff

Ruffles, frills, and lace

Summer prints

Sporty chic

Off the shoulder tops

Stripes and more stripes


Military-style clothing has become a trend among many people over the last few years. This season, khaki color is widely used for both feminine clothing pieces and for more casual items resembling military uniform.

Small purses

8_Fashion_Trends_ Look_Forward_to_in_2017_02

Forget those bulky backpacks we carried around in 2016 and downsize to necessities only. Tiny purses are the new large backpacks – hop on board! The smaller the better. And let’s face it: we carry around so much unnecessary stuff all the time! Give yourself a little break this year.

Block heel

8_Fashion_Trends_ Look_Forward_to_in_2017_07

Let’s hear it for comfort one more time! Some seriously cute block heeled shoes were spotted on the runways and all we can say is YES! Whether you like simple designs or busy shoe tops with stones and trinkets – you will be totally comfortable walking around on your 2-3 inch block heel this year.

50 shades of pink

All shades of pink were everywhere on the runway this season. Caramel pink, strawberry pink, dark cherry, fuchsia — choose any of these gorgeous colors and you will be on trend!

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