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CitationsHiba in Old age Is Doubtful

Relevant Laws: 2014-SCMR-1181, 2003-SCMR-41 ,2004-SCMR-1370, 2010-SCMR-1370


Observations: hiba in old age iz doubtful …………….
(1) At the time of making Gift donee waz 92/93 years old, meaning thereby that he waz fairly old at the relevant time
(2) statement of donor (ninety years old) (2003-SCMR-41)
(3) First donor waz about 75 years old 2004-SCMR-1370
(4) Donor waz 90 years old – 2010-SCMR-1370
(5) ninety years old (2004-YLR-1956)
(6) Gift-deed waz executed by an ailing 80/85 years old Woman 2005-SCMR-1885

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