7-Second Riddles

Booming emoji quiz, fun tests, and funny riddles for adults and kids! If you can answer all these fun quiz questions correctly, then you’re a modern and hip genius!

00:14 – Guess the word!
Easy riddles you have to be able to solve! This fun emoji quiz will give your brain a relaxed workout, forcing your brain to wake-up and start working! If you fail to answer these quiz questions, then you should start getting more brain exercises daily. ?

03:01 – What’s my real meaning?
We use emoji every day when we text to our loved ones, friends, colleagues or even boss (isn’t it weird? Tell me in the comments if you think it’s alright to send an emoji to your boss). But do we really know the real meaning of emojis? What if we send an emoji meaning one thing, but the person understood it differently? This cool emoji quiz will give you tons of useful information ?

04:32 – Guess this emoji song
Amazing emoji quiz on famous songs! This fun tests will let you know if you live in this century or past ?

06:41 – Odd emoji out!
Cool riddles to test how fast your brain is! These tricky riddles will spin your head around and will break your eyes ? It’s just impossible to find the odd one out!

09:00 – Emoji movie quiz
My favorite emoji quiz out there! Fun tests to test your logic! Yes, you need your logic to figure out what the emojis are telling you 🙂

12:02 – Country quiz
A mini general knowledge test with awesome emoji. I left the last one without the answer for you to crack it on your own! So TELL me IN THE COMMENTS the answer to the last picture puzzle 🙂

By the way, which one of these cool emoji quizzes, fun tests and funny riddles did you like the most?

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