7-Second Riddles

Enjoy a new compilation of fun brain games, emoji challenges and emoji games! You’ll be surprised that 95% fail this easy emoji challenge. Will you? Let’s find out:

00:14 – Emoji quiz – Country quiz – Emoji games.
A tricky emoji quiz! Good riddles like these will keep your mind sharp as a blade. These are brain teasers with answers so even if you fail to crack some of them, you can still challenge your friends later on๐Ÿ˜‰
02:06 – Emoji challenge – Cool riddles.
Warm up your brain with this short emoji puzzles with your favorite brands encrypted! To solve them all, you need just a bit of imagination and concentration, because the answers are really obvious. Enjoy the visual puzzles with answers and keep your mind sharp!
03:44 – Tricky riddles – Emoji quiz for your brain exercise.
More amazing brain exercises to boost your mental power! Your favorite movies are hidden in these emoji puzzles, can you get them all right? If you do, you must be a true cinema-lover indeed! If not, don’t get upset and wait for the answers to be revealed ๐Ÿ˜‰
06:11 – Emoji puzzles – Song quiz – Guess the emoji song.
Enjoy this set of cool emoji puzzles that will make you recall the greatest hits of all times, no matter how old you are (and they will play in your mind for the rest of the day!)๐Ÿ™‰ If you stay up to date and your brain works fast today, then it won’t be a hard riddle for you! Anyway, these short riddles will warm-up your brain and lighten your mood!
08:24 – Emoji quiz – Find the emoji pair – Fun emoji challenge.
A mind-blowing emoji puzzle to test your vision and attentiveness. Only 10% of people can cope with all the tasks of this set of puzzles and if you are among them, you can call yourself a genius! You will have to concentration and focus all your brain power on the tasks, then and only then you have a chance to get them right. Let me know how many of them you solved! Fun puzzles with answers to cheer you up during the day!
11:03 – Emoji games – Personality test.
A cool humorous test revealing some hidden truth about your personality! Don’t take it too serious and don’t try to overthink things: the first idea is usually the right one. Tell me then which emoji you are! (I’m an eggplant๐Ÿ†)

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS whether these emoji challenges were too easy or too difficult for you.

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